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Photojournalists and their feelings

Welcome to our improved PhotoBlog.

PhotoBlog has always been about conversations sparked by photojournalism. Picture display has been the primary focus, and the new design makes it better.

Moderating your comments has been the most challenging part for us. Reading them, deleting spam and deciding what not to post takes time. The lag in posting your comments sometimes made the experience unfulfilling.

Our new commenting system gives you the keys. It allows your comments to be posted in real time, and it is user-policed. You decide if comments are appropriate and valuable. We believe this will improve the experience and facilitate conversations that create community.

You’ll also see a new feature. Our social networking bar at the bottom of the page makes it easy for you to share PhotoBlog with your friends and followers.

We ask one thing of you. To participate in the conversation, you’ll need to register for a Newsvine account. It’s quick and easy. You only have to do it once, and then you’ll be able to participate in all our blogs.
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PhotoBlog is still evolving. You’ll see new features and design tweaks in the near future. So, come see the news, and join the conversation.