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MEDEVAC crews busy in Kandahar

Update 12:42 p.m. ET: Getty Images confirms to us that all three of these pictures tell the story of one badly wounded soldier. From the photographer: "All the same incident. He suffered life threatening wounds from a blast. Condition unknown but was awake when we dropped him off." Sullivan has been with a MEDEVAC unit for some time, and you can see much more of his work on Getty's site.

Original post: The storm of news out of Washington around Gen. McChrystal's departure from command seems a long way from the pictures Justin Sullivan took today, which do still remind us of what is at stake for our troops in Afghanistan. For an in-depth look at medical operations in Afghanistan, see this picture story by freelance photojournalist Erin Trieb. Also worth a look is C.J. Chivers and Tyler Hicks' June 12 story from The New York Times, which describes in detail how busy chopper crews are in Marja.