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The Week in Pictures: Outtakes

This fun, eye-tricking image was eliminated from this week's The Week in Pictures (known to the media eds here as TWIP) during the final round of editing.

While the the editors were really enticed by the fun element this shot would have brought to the slideshow during a rather heavy news week, we felt that photographically, the image didn't have as strong a moment, reaction, or as much depth to the composition as the images that we did include: a dive-through dining experience, massive flooding devastation in Pakistan, and the scarred remains of a garden in Russia among others.

Click to see the full slideshow for the week of July 29 - Aug. 5 and cast your vote. Tell us below, which image do you like best this week, and why?

To see more about how we edit The Week in Pictures each Thursday, check out this Behind the Scenes video.