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What should we call this photoblog?

I just sent this email to our whole newsroom. Strikes me that you, our loyal readers, will probably have some great ideas:

Calling your photoblog “Photoblog” is sort of like naming your child “Child.”

We’ve known this for a while. Meanwhile, an otherwise kind listing by 10,000 words prompts me to begin to take action:

“The lackluster title of MSNBC’s online offering belies the amazing wire images indexed on the site.”

So, if you have any ideas for a short, memorable, awesome name for a constantly updated feed of totally rad pictures on every subject under the sun, please reply to me (and only me) so we start to get some options percolating.

(I sort of like ‘See it Now’ but Ed Murrow took that one already and it’s sorta stodgy. What I like about it is the “Now” – the immediacy of it. Conveying that would be good. . . )

Please post any suggestions in comments below.