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The Week in Pictures: Outtakes

This image was eliminated from this week's The Week in Pictures during the final round of editing.

While we felt it was an interesting image in composition, color, contrast (the whites of the the subject's eyes are SO white against the body paint), we felt it went head-to-head with the image titled "Little Krishna," since we liked it for all the same reasons.

In the end, "Little Krishna" won out, b/c while both were performance events, we felt this one was the more staged of the two (since the subjects were actively competing as statues).

Check out the "Little Krishna" image as well as Polish snowballs, Hurricane Earl from space, dogsled water-skiing, and more.

Click to see the full slideshow for the week of Aug. 26 - Sept. 2 and cast your vote.

Tell us below, which image do you like best this week, and why? Which image of painted faces do you like better, or would you have skipped them both?