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The border: The more things change. . .

. . . the more they look the same, other than the wall, and helicopters and night vision of course.

The picture of the deportation in 1951, in particular, reminds me of this report we produced earlier this year:

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All of the pictures are from an archival set AP Images has put together on their site. It's worth a look.

Also worth a look (even though we normally refrain from posting fictional images here on Photoblog, I can't resist), is one of the greatest tracking shots in all cinema, the opening scene of Orson Welles' masterpiece 'Touch of Evil.' The single, uncut shot, and the rest of the film to follow, depends on the back-and-forth of the border for much of its dramatic tension.

It was this picture in the AP set that really reminded me of the movie. For a list and some links to more great tracking shots in cinema, click here.