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Remembering 9/11

I was a little stunned when I ran across this image this morning. Every September 11, I think of Mary Lou Hague, who was lost on a sunny morning in New York nine years ago today as she worked on the 89th floor of the second tower to be hit. We lived in the same Melrose Place-type apartment complex one year in college, and our paths crossed again a few times when we were both living and working in New York. We didn’t spend a ton of time together and lost touch after I moved to the West Coast, but when we did hang out…either drinking some concoction created in a Hefty bag one silly night in college, talking Carolina basketball, or attending a Giants game at the Meadowlands…I had FUN with her, and lots of it. She was always so, so happy and had the most amazing smile. Mary Lou, may you and all of the victims of Sept. 11, 2001, rest easy and may friends and families find comfort in happy memories. You are missed.