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An imposing British military vehicle in Afghanistan

Can you imagine seeing this vehicle roll through your town? More on the Wolfhound's deployment, including a short video clip, is available via Sky News.

We've previously covered some of the challenges of trying to win hearts and minds while rolling along in a highly armored vehicle. In a slideshow of images taken from inside American Humvees, photojournalist Chris Hondros told us in June that:

"American forces aren't often in any type of vehicle nowadays: engaging the populace face-to-face is an important part of the counterinsurgency philosophy espoused by General Petraeus, so there are a lot more walking patrols that leave the vehicles on base altogether."

As this is a handout picture, I figured I'd also remind you of our policy around publishing handout pictures: "This picture was provided by the United States Coast Guard." Along those lines, one can only wonder if the announcement about the Wolfhound deployment and the release of this image are related to the looming announcement of how much U.K. budget cuts will affect defense spending there.