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Music to empower the youth

AFP Photographer Roberto Schmidt photographed kids involved in a project in Korogocho, Nairobi called "Ghetto Classics" that uses music to empower the youth there. The brass band group is comprised of some 25 kids that only gets to practice every two weeks as the musical instruments they use are borrowed and there are not enough funds to pay the band director more often. The Ghetto Classics Project is a partnership between the Art of Music and the Kutoka Network - a network of parishes and organizations working in the urban slums, working to creates policies and new plans to help slum dwellers work their way out of poverty. Its purpose is to use music education to provide youth living in the slum with opportunities to better themselves and their community by giving them life skills that come with the discipline of studying art music.
Mr. Schmidt said he, "was really happy when I heard that you guys wanted to do this slide show. I really hope that someone in the wider audience is affected by it and would be willing to help out this outfit. They are truly good kids who are making an honest effort." See more photos here.

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