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'Spinning': Motorsport burns rubber in South Africa

Nic Bothma / EPA

Eddie Canther, a.k.a. "Eddie Rasta"' from the Sevens Spinning club burns out the back tires of his modified Ford V6 during a stationary burnout outside his home and workshop in Elsies River in Cape Town, South Africa, Sept. 23

Nic Bothma / EPA

Climbing on board the Ford during a spin.

Nic Botma / EPA

Hundreds of tires used for spinning are piled up outside the workshop and home of Jeff Flandorp from the Fear Factor spinning club in Eldorado Park in Cape Town, South Africa, Sept. 28.

EPA photojournalist Nic Bothma reports that spinning is one of the newest and grittiest forms of motor sport on the African continent. Spinning consists of rotating wheels and vehicles at high speed, making a car spin and melt or burn its tyres in a complex dance-like movement across a designated spinning patch. Almost every weekend spinning drivers from across Cape Town gather in vacant parking lots and industrial areas and spin their vehicles to the cheers of captivated crowds.

YouTube, meanwhile, has a few clips of Mr. Canther, a.k.a. "Eddie Rasta" in action. In the first, he completely exits his car during a spin, and then gets back in. It's worth a watch, though beware the audio consists primarily of a loud, high-pitched squealing sound, punctuated with some seriously labored internal combustion noise: