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Two factory scenes in Cleveland

Amy Sancetta / AP

In this Oct. 18, 2010 photo, workers get ready to pull a piece of forged steel to be used in a heavy load helicopter out of a giant press at SifCo Industries in Cleveland, Ohio. Manufacturing activity expanded last month at the fastest pace since May due to a surge in new orders and production.

Alfred T. Palmer / Office of War Information via Library of Congress

December, 1941: A rugged, efficient power plant goes aboard the chassis of a halftrac scout car an Ohio truck plant is producing for our new mechanized Army. White Motor Company, Cleveland, Ohio

The Oct. 18 picture from the AP reminded me of some of the more heroic depictions of U.S. industry during the second World War, so I looked for a good picture from Cleveland for comparison's sake.

Read the AP story on today's manufacturing data here. It's not all good news on the economic front, though, as our own John Schoen reports along with today's Adversity Index that the economy is just "bumping along the bottom."

And for a similar picture, see Robert Hood's post from last week, an image of a General Motors plant that is expanding.