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Happy 235th birthday, United States Marine Corps

Currier and Ives via Library of Congress

The Attack on the Castle Chapultepec (the "halls of Montezuma") took place in 1847. This print was published a year later.

Dusan Vranic / AP

Sgt. Daniel Roberts, of Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. stands in front of Marines of India company, 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, First Marine Division, as they mark 235th anniversary since the Corps was founded in 1775, in a small fire base, Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010, in Sangin, Afghanistan.

Finbarr O'Reilly / Reuters

A setting with dog tags, a purple heart medal awarded to wounded troops, a plate, cup, plastic cutlery and a burning candle sits on a table to symbolize all former U.S. Marines who have served, fought, died or been wounded in battle, at a dinner marking the anniversary of the Marine Corps at Musa Qala in southern Afghanistan's Helmand province. Missing from the setting is lemon and salt, traditionally included to represent the bitterness of losing friends and comrades.

GlobalSecurity.org has a good history of the USMC, starting at its birth in 1775. While we have a picture of the 'halls of Montezuma' from the Marine Corps Hymn above, you'll need to go here or here for pictures of the 'shores of Tripoli.' And, there are a lot of video tributes based on the hymn at YouTube.

I recently came across a terrific newsreel about Marines in the NBC News archives. It deals with the battle of the Chosin Reservoir 60 years ago, in late 1950, during the Korean War. It's worth a look:


You can also click the tag "marines" below to see other coverage of the Corps here on Photoblog.

Do you have a favorite (or least favorite) memory of being a Marine, of a Marine in your family, or a favorite photograph, book, film or song about Marines? If so, please post in the comments below. . .