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Broken Bridge across the Yalu River in North Korea

Built in 1911 and destroyed in the Korean War, this broken bridge stands 100 miles south of the newer built China-North Korea Friendship Bridge, constructed in 1943. The China-North Korea Friendship Bridge was likewise bombed during the Korean War, but repaired and currently in use for auto and rail traffic.

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Both bridges were bombed by American aircraft during the Korean War. From November 1950 to February 1951, the United States used B-29 and B-17 heavy bombers, and F-80 fighter-bombers to repeatedly attack the bridges in an attempt to cut off Chinese supplies to the North Koreans. The bridges were repeatedly repaired. The 1911 bridge was left destroyed and only the newer 1943 bridge repaired and used at the end of the war. The North Koreans did not want to rebuild the broken bridge so that the United States cannot deny the fact they destroyed it. Four spans of the old bridge remained on the Chinese side of the river, giving it the name the "Broken Bridge" (æ–­æ¡¥).