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Small business in Kyrgyz village with little infrastructure offers baths to locals for a dollar

What a shame there isn't something other than tires to burn in this area, but it's great that the people in the community have warm baths available to them.

Igor Kovalenko / EPA

A little Kyrgyz girl combs her hair while standing in a plastic basin after bathing in the village of Dordoi, some 20 km from the capital of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on Nov. 28. Local resident Arstan-Baike keeps this bath as a small family business, offering local residents a bath for one dollar per person. The village located near the biggest retail market in Central Asia lacks infrastructure and social facilities like schools, hospitals and baths. Arstan-Baike stokes his stove with used tires because of the wood shortage in the area.

Igor Kovalenko / EPA

Arstan-Baike cuts used tires with his daughters to fuel his bath stove in the village of Dordoi, Kyrgyzstan.