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Photojournalist Eric Thayer documents bleak beauty of the Mexican border

Reuters today moved images from the Mexican border by Reuters photojournalist Eric Thayer that are both beautiful and bleak at the same time.

The Guardian featured Thayer's work from a November visit to the border.

Eric Thayer / Reuters

A plastic flower stands next to an anonymous grave at the Terrace Park Cemetery just outside Holtville, California Nov. 8, 2010. Behind a row of hedges at the otherwise normal and nondescript cemetery lies a dirt field with hundreds of anonymous graves, reportedly containing immigrants who died crossing the border whose remains were never identified.

Eric Thayer / Reuters

A billboard is seen near the fence separating the United States and Mexico in downtown Calexico, California Nov. 8, 2010. A city of about 39,000, A thriving border town, Calexico lies just north of Mexicali, Mexico, a city of nearly one million in California's Imperial Valley. Based on its location, the city is considered prime for transport of goods across the border.