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Monk walking among pigeons in Myanmar. Could this photo be better?

To me, this photo was almost one I would consider for The Week in Pictures (TWIP, in msnbc.com speak). The reason I'm not sold is that the element with the most potential (in my opinion) - the shadows of the birds on a wire - isn't played up to its best potential in the composition. Maybe if the photographer took a couple of steps back to eliminate some of the wide angle feeling the photo gives, and let the wires move you through the frame a little more seamlessly? Or is this moment, with the peak of blue at the top balancing the red color of the photo, and the position of the walking monk the best that this moment had to give?

Photo enthusiasts, what do you think? Could this frame have been better, or am I asking too much?

Check back Thursday evening to see if the photo makes this week's edition of TWIP - which is voted on democratically by a panel of 3 editors each week, so I may be overruled. For more on the TWIP editing process, click here.