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Cruise ship hammered by wave in Antarctica

Fiona Stewart, Garett McIntosh / AP

This Dec. 7 photo shows the Antarctic tourist ship the "Clelia II" struggling in high seas with 165 people aboard in the southern Drake Passage, just north of the Shetland Islands. The ship declared an emergency on Tuesday, reporting it had suffered engine damage amid heavy seas and 55 mph (90 kph) winds when it was about 500 miles (845 kilometers) from Ushuaia, the Argentine Navy said in a statement.

According to news reports, the ships power and communications were knocked out when it was hit with a 30-foot wave. 

Tourists capture shocking video of a cruise ship being slammed by enormous swells near Antarctica. Although the waves crippled the vessel, none of the 160 passengers aboard were hurt. TODAY's Natalie Morales reports.