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Holiday calendar: Happy St. Lucy's Day

Centuries ago, before the Julian calendar was brought up to date, Scandinavians regarded Dec. 13 as the longest night of the year -- and that may be one reason why the night during Yule season was celebrated with candlelit ceremonies. The festivals also had a religious flavor, commemorating the feast day of St. Lucy ("Sankta Lucia" in Swedish). Never mind that the saint herself was Sicilian: The festival has survived to this day as a particularly Scandinavian holiday, featuring processions led by young women wearing crowns of candles.

In honor of St. Lucy's Day, here's a picture of the Scandinavian peninsula, as seen by NASA's Terra satellite in February 2003 from a height of more than 400 miles. The land mass of Norway and Sweden curves downward from upper right to lower left, with Finland lying to the east. Jagged inlets known as fjords cut into the coast of Norway on the left side of the peninsula. The dusting of snow makes the whole peninsula look like a Yule log cake covered with powdered sugar. "Trevlig Lucia Dag!"

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