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Getting out the vote in Belarus

Tatyana Zenkovich / EPA

A member of a local electoral commission walks with a ballot box toward the village of Selets, some 31 miles from Minsk, Belarus, to give an opportunity to elderly and sick people to vote in the presidential election, Dec. 19. According to media reports, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has governed the country almost unchallenged since 1994. More than 1,000 international observers led by a 490-member delegation from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe were Belarus to monitor the vote. More than 15,000 Belarusian vote monitors were on hand as well. Lukashenko, a former collective farm boss, has vowed he would defeat his nine challengers without tampering with the electoral process.

Vladimir Nikolsky / Reuters

A woman signs a form to receive a ballot at her home during presidential elections in the village of Korolev Stan, 19 miles northeast of Minsk, Dec. 19. Voting got under way on Sunday in the former Soviet republic of Belarus in an election certain to extend strongman Alexander Lukashenko's 16-year stay in power for five more years.

Tatyana Zenkovich / EPA

An elderly woman drops her ballot as she votes during president elections in Selets, Dec. 19.