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Mount Bromo volcano erupts in Indonesia

Christophe Archambault / AFP - Getty Images

An Indonesian man smokes a cigarette as he keeps himself warm in the ash-covered village of Cemoro Lawang on Indonesia's central Java island early on Friday, Dec. 24. The active Mount Bromo volcano, a popular tourist attraction, began rumbling late last month and a series of eruptions occured on December 19, with the volcano shooting columns of ash some 1,000 metres into the sky.

Christophe Archambault / AFP - Getty Images

Mount Bromo shoots ash into the sky on Friday, Dec. 24.

The AP reports: A smoking volcano on Indonesia's main island of Java has forced the closure of a local airport.

Mount Bromo came back to life last week after a yearlong lull, unleashing a powerful blast of volcanic debris but causing no injuries or serious damage.

State volcanologist Surono warned, however, a bigger eruption may be on the way.

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