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Batman vs. El toro at the annual bullfight festival in Costa Rica

Where is Batman's sidekick Robin?

From Costa Rica.com: The event is held at the Zapote fairgrounds in San Jose, and the formal Spanish tradition has evolved somewhat. The bull ring is opened December 26th, and the famous bullfights begin. The runs consist of improvised bullfighters that take their turn jumping in the ring to tease and make fun of the bull. In Costa Rica it is prohibited by national law to kill the bull.

There can be anywhere from five to thirty people in the ring at anytime, and in most cases when the bull gets close, everyone jumps over the fence to safety. The bullfights are now looked at as a comedic event with no competitive aspect as anyone who thinks he or she is brave enough can jump in the bullring. This is always a big headache for the Red Cross, as it has to rescue those who don’t get out in time.