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John Boehner and Flat Stacie: A different side of Congress seen on day 1 of the 112th session

A lot of Congressmen and Congresswomen bring their families and the floor seems generally festive on the mostly-ceremonial first day of the new session. Even so, it was an unexpected sight to see Speaker-designate Boehner taking a moment to pose with a flat Stacie doll before he took center stage.

I've heard of elementary school classes doing Flat Stanley and Flat Stacie projects where children make and send a doll to a relative or other students in a different place, and that person or group takes photos of the doll at events or at notable locations and sends the doll and a photo album back so the student or class can learn through Stacie or Stanley's "adventure."

Here's a link to an explanation of Flat Stacie from the Girl Scouts, one of the sponsors of such activities between troops.