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Reflections of the destruction of a landmark hotel in east Jerusalem and of gruesome murders in Mexico

I ran across the picture of the murdered men yesterday and then saw the image from east Jerusalem this morning and realized how much I like this technique when it is done well. It adds depth to the picture, makes the reader think a little more and work just a little harder to see all of the details and can soften a horrible scene. You can read more about the demolition of the hotel here and more about the muders in Mexico here.

Bernat Armangue / AP

A reflection of the Shepherd Hotel is seen on a window of a passing bus in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheik Jarrah, Sunday, Jan. 9. Bulldozers demolished the hotel in an Arab east Jerusalem neighborhood Sunday to make way for a new Israeli enclave, moving ahead with a plan that has angered the Palestinians and the U.S.

Bernandino Hernandez / AP

Mexican policemen are reflected in the glass of a taxi that was found stuffed with six bodies in Acapulco, Mexico, Saturday, Jan. 8. Several separate violent incidents overnight in this Pacific resort city have dozens dead, including one where the bodies of 15 men, all but one of them headless, were found on a street outside a shopping center.