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Photographer captures lives riddled by drug use, loss in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

I thought these were both haunting images from photographer Claire Martin's series on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, B.C. Martin's description of the area follows below:

Claire Martin / Oculi / Redux Pictures

Tony lives in the Downtown Eastside in the same building as his brother and sister-in-law. They have all been addicted to heroin for around 25 years. Tony lost his wife to AIDS five years ago. They had twin daughters who were born HIV positive and were taken away by the state immediately after birth. Tony is on the Methadone program, but continues to use heroin. Despite all the tragedies this drug has inflicted on his life he is still unable to quit.
Here he eats cream pie purchased by the photographer.

"This is Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, a place notorious for its residents who live below the poverty line in a city twice voted 'the world's most livable' by the Economist Magazine. Statistics for the suburb include and AIDS rate estimated at 30% and the leading cause of death as overdose. Addiction is the core problem causing women to sell sex in order to meet subsistence needs such as food and shelter. Living conditions are sub-standard with the norm consisting of small single-room accommodations that are ridden with bed bugs and multi-resistant staphylococcus. The media regularly makes rounds on the Downtown East Side, but it only serves to stigmatise the people. It is easy to forget that this is a real suburb home to real people who are suffering devastating loss of health and quality of life due to addiction." 

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Claire Martin / Oculi / Redux Pictures

Rose has lived in the Downtown East Side for over 20 years. She lives in a half way home and feeds the birds every day at 2pm. She says that they are her only friends.