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Photos from the archive: Somalis mark 20 years of war after government fell

From the Associated Press: Wednesday Jan. 26, 2011 marks the twentieth anniversary of the fall of Siad Barre, Somalia's socialist dictator whose overthrow ushered in years of brutal conflict. Now the arid Horn of Africa nation is home to a whole generation who have known nothing but war fed by corruption, clan politics and regional rivalries.

Alexander Joe / AFP - Getty Images file

March 1, 1995 photo showing U.N. Pakistani tanks leaving Mogadishu airport to get aboard a Ukrainian cargo ship in the Somali capital's harbor.

Alexander Joe / AFP - Getty Images file

January 30, 1991 photo showing a group of Somali rebels raising their arms up and smiling to express their victory in Mogadishu, Somalia, after rebel troops of the Somali United Congress (USC) took control of Mogadishu, following a three-week long war with Siad Barre's troops.

Alexander Joe / AFP - Getty Images file

February 26, 1992 photo shows a young clan fighter loyal to interim President Ali Mahdi Mohamed, displaying his machine gun in Mogadishu in front of a burnt-out Soviet-made T-54 tank belonging to the rival clan of General Mohamed Farah Aidid, which was destroyed in clashes opposing two warlords on February 14.

Alexander Joe / AFP - Getty Images file

September 9, 1992photo shows a father, his son and an old man waiting for food at a CARE feeding center in Baidoha.

Abdurashid Abdulle / AFP - Getty Images file

May 12, 2010 photo showing an Islamist militia man walking past a house engulfed by flames in the Harar-Yale village, Wardhigley district of Mogadishu.

Archival video- 1993: The Battle of Mogadishu

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