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Protesters injured in clashes with riot police in Egypt

Ben Curtis / AP

Egyptians carry an injured protester during clashes with anti-riot police in Cairo, Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011. Hundreds of anti-government protesters have returned to Cairo's central Tahrir Square, chanting slogans against Hosni Mubarak just hours after the Egyptian president fired his Cabinet but refused to step down.

Mohammed Abed / AFP - Getty Images

Egyptians hellp an injured demonstrator during clashes with riot police in Cairo on January 29, 2011.

Edoardo Castaldo / AFP - Getty Images

Egyptian demonstrators carry a wounded comrade shot by police during clashes near the central Tahrir square in Cairo on January 29, 2011. At least three people were killed during anti-regime protests in downtown Cairo. Medics at a mobile hospital told AFP as they tended to dozens of wounded.

Despite the images of demonstrators kissing Army soldiers, looks like the clashes with the police continue and some are violent. Three protesters are said to have died in clashes at the Interior Ministry according to Al Jazeera, and dozens more were killed on Friday.

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