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Violence continues in Egypt, with both protesters and police at risk

These images were photographed on Friday, Jan. 28, but were just received in our image database today. They are a stark reminder of the toll the protests are taking. Richard Engel of NBC News reports the following from Cairo: "Many people have set up private vigilante groups in front of their homes…. People are afraid. This is no longer just a political movement with protesters on the streets, but there is a basic collapse of law and order,” he said. More than 100 people have been killed so far.

Engel reported that 4,000 people had been wounded and 500 others, many of them women, were missing. See his latest report.

AFP - Getty Images

An Egyptian police officer uses a baton against demonstrators fleeing in a clowd of tear gas in Alexandria on Jan. 28.

AFP - Getty Images

Egyptian riot police carry an injured comrade during clashes with demonstrators in Alexandria on Jan. 28.

Tarek Fawzi / AP

In this photo taken Friday, Jan.28, a victim is carried on a stretcher in Alexandria, Egypt. Thousands of Alexandrians met Sunday Jan 30 to pray in downtown Alexandria, a Mediterranean port city that is a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood. After prayers, the crowd marched towards the city's old mosque to pray for the souls of those who died in the protests.(AP Photo/Tarek Fawzi)

AFP - Getty Images

Egyptian demonstrators escort a riot police officer out of a neighborhood following heavy clashes in Alexandria on Jan. 28.