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Bloggers make up for lost time in Egypt

With the internet finally restored in Egypt today, the active Egyptian blogosphere which we covered last week, is making a comeback. We photoblogged some images from blogger Hossam El Hamalawy this morning. And now, on Twitter, we're noticing updates from Nora Younis, pictured above during a more peaceful time a few months ago in Cairo. She tweets:

4 hours ago: the army is losing egyptians trust now. They knew it was going to happen and did nothing to separate crowds in diff locations

5 hours ago: now internet s back in #egypt min of interior had bombarded #khaledsaid #fb page with nonesense. obviously they had access 2 net

5 hours ago: I think army will watch clashes erupt then use force to disperse all. they want tahrir clean before friday.

Follow her at: @NoraYounis

If you're taking pictures in Cairo, let us know and upload them here. If you're seeing other notable images from events there, you can public message @msnbc_pictures on Twitter.