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Mosque becomes makeshift hospital for injured protesters

Photojournalist Ron Haviv describes the difficulty of accessing the protest areas in Cairo, particularly because pro-government supporters are angry with the West and the media for focusing so much attention on anti-Mubarak forces. See the Skype interview below to learn more about how he got into the contentious area.

After making his way into Tahrir Square, Haviv spent some time on the "front lines" where opposing protesters were throwing rocks at one another. He followed some injured anti-government protesters to a makeshift hospital in a nearby mosque, where nurses, doctors and others were informally banding together to help victims. He said it was like a makeshift M.A.S.H. unit, with many people there to help but with few supplies. When he arrived at the mosque in the early afternoon, there were only a handful of people to assist. But by nightfall, there was a steady stream of injured, with patients spilling out into the street. Despite Haviv's long experience covering conflict around the world, he said it was a scene he wouldn't soon forget.

Ron Haviv / VII

Ron Haviv / VII

Photojournalist Ron Haviv, VII Photo, describes the difficulty of getting near the protesters and the danger once there

See Haviv's images from the clashes, and watch video of him comparing the scene to other conflicts he's covered around the world here.