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Cutest. Thing. Ever. Baby royal antelope bottle feeds at the San Diego Zoo

Occasionally we alert you when a new "cutest thing ever" comes our way. Here's my candidate for the latest title holder. According to Wikipedia, the royal antelope grows to only 10-12 inches tall and 9-10 lbs. Their calves are small enough to fit into the average person's open hand.

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Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo via AFP - Getty Images

Keeper Janet Hawes bottle-feeds a royal antelope that weighs just 17 ounces on Feb. 8, at the San Diego Zoo. Born on exhibit on Jan. 20, the calf was moved to the Zoo's veterinary hospital when he did not nurse and had a low body temperature. Because the royal antelope is so small, the bottle's nipple had to be specially designed for this species. The calf, which receives five bottle feedings a day, has gained seven ounces and is thriving. When the royal antelope calf is returned to his exhibit within the next week, animal care staff will continue bottle feedings in between his time socializing with the herd. The royal antelope exhibit is near the Bactrian camels on Front Street at the Zoo.

A one-month-old royal antelope calf is being cared for by staff at the San Diego Zoo as they prepare for his public debut next week. TODAYshow.com's Dara Brown reports.