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Crime and corruption leads to epidemic of murdered bus drivers in Guatemala

According to Reuters and police, 15 bus drivers in Guatemala have been killed already this year, and 185 drivers and assistants were murdered by extortionists in 2010.

Read more about this long-problematic epidemic in the 2009 NPR piece here.   

Daniel Leclair / Reuters

The driver of a passing bus looks at a crime scene, where a bus driver was murdered, in Guatemala City on Feb. 15. According to police, 15 drivers have been murdered on the job in 2011. Last year, 185 drivers and their assistants were killed by organized gangs of extortionists.

Daniel Leclair / Reuters

Investigators work at a crime scene, where the driver of a public bus was murdered as he was refuelling, in Guatemala City on Feb. 15.

Daniel Leclair / Reuters

The body of a murdered public bus driver is seen under his bus in Guatemala City on Feb. 15.