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Mourners defiant in wake of Bahrain crackdown

Hassan Ammar / AP

Friends and relatives chant anti-government slogans during the funeral of Mahmoud Maki Abu Taki, 22, who died during clashes between Bahraini anti- government protesters and riot police on Thursday, during his funeral procession in Sitra village on Friday Feb. 18.

Hasan Jamali / AP

A funeral procession on Feb. 18 in the western Bahraini village of Karzakan for Isa Abdel Hasan, who died Thursday during clashes at Pearl Square in the capital of Manama between anti-government protesters and Bahrain police forces.

Thousands of mourners called for the downfall of Bahrain's ruling monarchy as burials began Friday after a deadly assault on pro-reform protesters that has brought army tanks into the streets of one of the most strategic Western allies in the Gulf.

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