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Baby green turtles hatch on an Indonesian beach

Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP - Getty Images

In this photograph taken on Jan. 21 a park ranger monitors a mother green turtle building her nest to lay eggs at the turtle sanctuary in Sukamade island in East Java province, Indonesia.

Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP/Getty Images

Newly laid green turtle eggs are collected by park rangers from the natural nesting ground to be hatched and released at a turtle sanctuary.

Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP - Getty Images

Baby green turtles crawl to the sea after being hatched at the turtle sanctuary.

Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP - Getty Images

A baby green turtle crawls to the sea for the first time.

According to conservationists, out of a thousand baby turtle hatched on Sukamade, one survives and return to the island to lay eggs. A green turtle can live 80 years in the wild. Indonesian authorities are working to foil poaching and illegal trade of the endangered sea turtles that are hunted for their meat and eggs.

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