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Militants in Pakistan blow up tankers carrying fuel for NATO troops

Mohammad Sajjad / AP

Firemen try to extinguish fires after tankers were set on fire in Peshawar, Pakistan on Feb. 25. Militants attacked tankers bringing fuel to NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan on Friday, killing four people and causing a massive nighttime blaze.

A. Majeed / AFP - Getty Images

Firefighters attempt to extinguish burning NATO oil tankers following an attack at a terminal on the outskirts of Peshawar on Feb. 25.

Arshad Arbab / EPA

Firefighters try to extinguish burning oil tankers in Peshawar on Feb. 25.

Militants in northwestern Pakistan blew up at least 11 tankers carrying fuel for NATO troops in neighboring Afghanistan and shot dead four people, police said. 

In recent years tankers carrying oil for NATO troops have been regularly targeted by Islamic militants on both sides of the border. U.S. and other NATO forces in landlocked Afghanistan get around 75 per cent of their food and military supplies through Pakistan.

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