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Trees falling in Tennessee and Alabama due to high winds

Here's more news about the weather in the region, including tornados and floods.

Matt McKean / AP

Tim Howard and Sonny Edwards with Colbert County road department work to remove a large oak tree which was blown down by high winds accompanying a severe thunderstorm that raced across northwest Alabama Monday, Feb. 28, 2011, crushing a walkway and damaging the roof, at Colbert County High School in Leighton, Ala.

John Rawlston

A large tree downed by strong storms lies in the wreckage of this house in Red Bank, Tenn., Monday, Feb 28, 2011.

Angela Lewis

A tree covers Bill and Candy Haley's two cars in North Chattanooga, Tenn. after heavy rain and winds ripped through the area, Monday, Feb 28, 2011. A third car was occupied when the tree fell.