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Winners at the POYi photography awards

The winners of the 68th annual Pictures of the Year International competition have been announced. Founded in 1944 and organized by the Missouri School of Journalism, POYi is the oldest and one of the most prestigious photojournalism competitions in the world. Here is a rundown of the major awards:

Adrees Latif of Reuters was named Freelance/Agency Photographer of the Year:

Adrees Latif / Reuters via POYi

Marooned flood victims looking to escape grab the side bars of a hovering Army helicopter which arrived to distribute food supplies in the Muzaffargarh district of Pakistan's Punjab province on August 7, 2010.

Damon Winter of the New York Times was named Newspaper Photographer of the Year:

Damon Winter / The New York Times via POYi

On January 12, 2010 a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck southwestern Haiti killing an estimated two hundred and fifty thousand people, leaving millions homeless and the capital city of Port-au-Prince in ruins. Here, a man lay dead in a makeshift stretcher outside the main hospital.

Fernando Moleres of Panos Pictures and Laif won the World Understanding Award:

Fernando Moleres / Panos Pictures & Laif via POYi

Freetown, Sierra Leone. Ibrahim Sesay is interrogated by prisoners for the disappearance of a pair of slippers at Pademba Central Prison. Ibrahim was accused of stealing a mobile phone at his school. He was arrested in August 2009 and spent eight days at the police station without food. The police report stated he was 19 years old instead of 14, which is how old he says he is. He has been sentenced to 18 months.

Barbara Davidson of the Los Angeles Times won the Community Awareness Award:

Barbara Davidson / The Los Angeles Times via POYi

"I realized I was shot when my leg started burning and I saw holes in my leg. I was just crying, hoping that the ambulance would hurry up and come." Three bullets tore into 10-year-old Erica Miranda's back, knee, and hip while playing basketball outside her home when a young man walked up to a crowded street corner in Compton and pulled out a handgun and started shooting. Los Angeles County sheriff's investigators believe a 17-year-old relative of her stepfather was the intended target. Both males were shot three times and survived. Erica will not be paralyzed, doctors say. But there is significant nerve damage in her right leg.

Steve Winter won the Global Vision Award:

Steve Winter via POYi

Tigers live in perhaps the highest density in Kaziranga National Park of any place in India. In other national parks in India, tigers are in greater peril, but poachers here tend to target the Indian one-horned rhinos instead. Here, a young male emerges from the elephant grass.

In the Editing Division, the Los Angeles Times won the Angus McDougall Overall Excellence in Editing Award.

All of us at msnbc.com are honored to have been awarded third place in the category for best use of photography in an online publication. First place went to latimes.com and second to nytimes.com.

In the Multimedia Division, msnbc.com won another prize: third place in the news category for the story Rhinos: Flight for survival, a collaboration between photographer Ami Vitale, producer Jim Seida and editor Shannon Dell. Watch the video below:

The last four breeding Northern White Rhinos are moved from Europe to Africa in hopes of keeping the subspecies alive. Learn about the debate over the move and the logistics of transporting such large animals.