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Mickey Rooney gives passionate testimony before Congress

Mickey Rooney became visibly shaken during his testimony before the Senate Aging Committee today as a victim of and advocate against elder abuse.

Rooney has alleged in court documents that he was being bullied by his stepson and feared being kidnapped.

Read last month's story detailing Rooney's order against his stepson here and view his testimony from today in the NBC Nightly News video below.

Alex Brandon / AP

Entertainer Mickey Rooney testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington on March 2, about elder abuse, before the Senate Aging Committee.

Jim Young / Reuters

Actor Mickey Rooney speaks at a Senate hearing on elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation on Capitol Hill in Washington on March 2.

Nightly News

Mickey Rooney spoke out against elder abuse before a Senate Committee on aging. The 90-year-old actor said he has been the victim of abuse at the hands of family members.