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Pulitzer Prize-winning political journalist and Meet the Press record-holder David S. Broder dies

Award-winning columnist David Broder died today of complications from diabetes at age 81. Broder appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" program 401 times, far more than any other journalist in the show's history.   

Meet the Press

David Broder celebrating 30 years of appearances on Meet the Press, July 18, 1993. The photo on the cake is from his first Meet the Press appearance on July 7, 1963.

Alan Shear, editorial director of the Washington Post Writers Group, which syndicated Broder's column said, "Dave is neither left nor right and can't even be called reliably centrist. He reports exhaustively, and his conclusions are grounded in hard facts."

Read the full story here and thoughts on Broder from Chuck Todd and NBC's John Yang

Meet the Press

Nov. 18, 2007: Reporters David Broder and Robert Novak talk about their history with "Meet the Press" and the show's integral role in shaping the Washington news cycle. Broder holds the record for most reporter appearances on the program -- 396. Novak comes in second with a total of 247 appearances.