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Yemeni president's offer of a new constitution rejected by protesters

AP reports: SANAA, Yemen — Yemen's embattled president proposed Thursday that the government draw up a new constitution guaranteeing the independence of the parliament and judiciary, but thousands of unsatisfied protesters poured into the streets after his speech to demand the ouster of the Yemeni ruler of 32 years.

Khaled Abdullah / Reuters

Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh waves to supporters gathered in a soccer stadium in Sanaa where he delivered a speech on March 10. Saleh, hoping to defuse increasingly violent protests against his 32-year rule, said on Thursday he would draw up a new constitution to create a parliamentary system of government.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh told thousands of supporters gathered at a stadium in Sanaa that a new constitution would be drafted by the end of year establishing the separation of legislative and executive powers. The president currently controls all other branches of government.

Hani Mohammed / AP

Supporters of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh listen to his speech during a gathering in a soccer stadium in Sanaa on March 10.

The demonstrators have set up protest camps in the capital and the cities of Aden and Taiz, saying they won't leave until U.S.-backed President Ali Abdullah Saleh does. The opposition promptly rejected Saleh's latest offer.

Muhammed Muheisen / AP

An anti-government protestor looks on while taking part in a demonstration demanding the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa on March 10.

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