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French riot police storm car ferry to break up strike

Jean-Paul Pelissier / Reuters

French riot police launch an assault on the car ferry Kalliste on March 10 as striking CGT workers of SNCM (National Maritime Corsica-Mediterranean company) block access to Marseille's port.

700 French riot police were deployed to break up a month-long strike by ferry workers protesting against planned cuts, the BBC reports.

Jean-Paul Pelissier / Reuters

Riot police on small boats (background) launch an assault as striking CGT maritime workers block access to Marseille's port on March 10.

The strikers, who were on board a car ferry blocking the port of Marseille, fought back by spraying police with water hoses. 14 strikers were arrested.

Jean-Paul Pelissier / Reuters

Striking CGT workers on the car ferry Kalliste spray riot police with water cannons as authorities try to unblock access to Marseille's port on March 10.