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Radiation fears prompt further evacuations in Japan

Asahi Shimbun via EPA

Medical staff use a geiger counter to screen a woman for possible radiation exposure at a public welfare centre in Hitachi City, Ibaraki on March 16, after she evacuated from an area within 20km (12.4 miles) radius of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. The woman tested negative for radiation exposure.

Residents evacuated from within a 12.4 mile radius of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant are being tested for radiation exposure. Meanwhile, fears of the crisis spreading have prompted some people to leave Tokyo, which is 140 miles away from the plant.

Diego Azubel / EPA

A young girl wearing a face mask, followed by her family, boards the bullet train (Shinkansen) in Tokyo station on March 16. Radiation fears and the threat of another earthquake have prompted people to leave Tokyo by any means possible. Despite Japan's reassurance of radiation levels being below hazardous, several airlines have stopped flights into Tokyo and a number of companies are evacuating foreign nationals.

Adam Pretty / Getty Images

Tokyo residents cram into the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) as they leave Tokyo heading west on March 16.

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