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Outside the Frame: A grim discovery in Japan, a body found in the rubble


Gregory Bull / AP

Japanese emergency crews work to free a body as it sits pinned among concrete sea barriers Monday, March 14, 2011, in Toyoma, northern Japan, three days after a giant quake and tsunami struck the country's northeastern coast.

 AP Photojournalist Gregory Bull describes his experience covering the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Looking over a breakwall in Toyoma, a little surf town in a devastated part of Japan, I saw something protruding from a concrete sea barrier. It was a hand. I picked up my lens, and the lead rescuer waved me away with a disgusted look on his face. Not the body, please, he seemed to want to tell me. But this quake and tsunami killed so many, it seems to me a lack of respect to the victims not to show the horrific end of their struggle. It’s the sort of moment that weighs on any of us, from anywhere, who are here. In the end, I moved over a bit and raised my camera once more.

- Gregory Bull