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Panoramic image of the damage in Natori, Japan

Natori was a densely populated coastal town of 72,000 people. It suffered critical damage from the earthquake and tsunami on March 11. Rescue workers reached Natori on March 14. They found few survivors because the town was nearly wiped off the map. The Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant is located 30 miles to the south, and the remaining residents of Natori are concerned about leaking radiation. (Masaki Furumaya / Sankei Shimbun / MSN Japan)


Mark Baker / AP

A man checks a list of names at an evacuation center in Natori, Japan on March 18, 2011.

Yegor Trubnikov / Reuters

People walk among the debris of buildings wrecked by last week's earthquake and tsunami in Natori, Japan on March 20.

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