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Firefighters cover police officers in foam in friendly protest

Yves Herman / Reuters

Firefighters spray foam over police officers during a protest at the Minister-President's office in Brussels, Belgium on March 25. Members of Brussels' fire brigade are demanding clearer rules with regards to nominations and promotions.

Yves Herman / Reuters

Belgian police officers react to being covered with foam sprayed by firefighters during a labor protest at the Minister-President's office in Brussels on March 25.

Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP

A firefighter hands out apples to police after they were sprayed with a foam water hose during a firefighters' demonstration in Brussels on March 25.

At least 100 firefighters spray foam at police guarding government offices in Brussels demanding staffing, training and better working conditions. TODAY.com's Dara Brown reports.

 It looks like both sides took part in this protest in good spirits.