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Outside the Frame: A brother's anguish

Hussein Malla / AP

A Syrian man, right, reacts next to his brother who was seriously wounded during violence between security forces and armed groups in Latakia, northwest of Damascus, Syria, on Sunday, March 27. Syria has been rocked by more than a week of demonstrations that began in the drought-parched southern agricultural city of Daraa and exploded nationwide on Friday, with security forces opening fire on demonstrators in at least six places and killing dozens.

AP photojournalist Hussein Malla shares his experience photographing inside Assad Hospital after the clashes in Syria this weekend.

LATAKIA, Syria — It was mostly quiet inside Assad Hospital when I went there to shoot pictures of people wounded in street violence. But people were angry. And one man’s shouts broke through the relative calm: “By God we will not forgive them! We will take revenge!” The man, who refused to give his name, was distraught over the condition of his brother, who lay in a coma after being shot in the neck. I always feel uneasy when I’m shooting inside a hospital, but I didn’t feel like an intruder this time because this anguished man, unlike others in the hospital, didn’t mind my presence. Under the circumstances, I think he simply didn’t care who was there.

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