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The final stage of demolishing Chicago's Cabrini Green public housing project begins

NBCChicago.com reports
Demolition began Wednesday morning of Cabrini Green's last standing high-rise.

It marks the final stage of a years-long initiative to raze the housing project and signals the last chapter in the development's storied, troubled history.

The few remaining residents moved out of the now-vacated building in December. At one time, Cabrini Green was made up of 10 sections, built over a 20-year stretch that started in 1942, and was home to 15,000 people.

The development became known for gang violence, deteriorating conditions and an unspeakable crime surrounding Girl X, a 9-year-old found strangled, raped and poisoned in a stairwell.

Crime in the complex was so bad that Cabrini became know nationally as the worst housing project in the country.

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