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Passenger jet flies through flock of large birds over Arkansas

According to AP:  Little Rock National Airport officials say a Delta Airlines plane landed safely after striking a flock of large birds.

Little Rock International Airport

A Delta Airlines plane shows damage after running into a flock of large birds twenty miles from Little Rock International Airport on Friday, April 1.

Airport spokeswoman T.J. Williams said Flight 5087 was headed to Little Rock from Atlanta when pilots reported the bird strike at 3:38 p.m. Friday, about 20 miles southeast of the airport. Williamssays pilots were able to land without incident and no one on board was hurt. She says passengers have left the plane. Williams didn't know if any of them were making connecting flights.


Williams says Delta officials plan to examine the plane and decide if anything needs to be done. She says officials don't know what kind of birds were hit. Even though the incident didn't occur at the airport, officials use cannons to frighten away birds.