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Driver makes miraculous escape after car plunges from sixth story of parking garage

Julian Smith / AFP - Getty Images

Emergency services workers attend the site of an accident after a car plunged six storys from a multi-level parking lot in Melbourne, Australia on April 4. The driver, aged 41, was freed 40 minutes after the vehicle fell an estimated 30 metres before becoming stuck at ground level in a lane between the walls of the car park and another building.

Julian Smith / EPA

Emergency services workers attend the site of a car accident in Melbourne on April 4. The driver was injured after she drove through a Melbourne car park safety barrier and plunged six storys to the street below.

 Australia's Herald Sun newspaper reports:

A woman who had a miraculous escape after driving her car off a six-storey car park can thank her 4WD - and luck.

Paramedic Matthew Riddle, who was first to treat the 41-year-old woman, said he was amazed she survived.

"I think a lot of things contributed to keeping her alive today -- airbags, her seatbelt, luck," he said.

Investigators in Australia are trying to determine what may have caused the car to drive off the edge of a parking lot. TODAY.com's Dara Brown reports.