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Yemeni protesters rush wounded to field hospital during clashes in Sanaa

Muhammed Muheisen / AP

An anti-government protestor displays bullet shells during clashes in Sanaa,Yemen on Tuesday, April 5. Opposition parties in Yemen have urged the international community, regional powers and human rights groups to help stop the bloodshed in their country.

Mohammed Huweiss/ AFP - Getty Images

Anti-government demonstraters carry a wounded protestor to a field hospital during clashes in Sanaa on April 5, as two dissident soldiers and three other people were killed in a firefight between troops and tribesmen close to President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Five people were shot dead and four wounded in the clash near a square where anti-regime protesters have been staging a sit-in for the past two months.

Muhammed Muheisen / AP

An injured anti-government protestor reacts from pain as he carried by other demonstrators to a field hospital during clashes in Sanaa,Yemen.

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