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Orphaned baby orangutan shows affection for a stuffed animal toy

Andrea Comas / Reuters

Baby orangutan 'Boo,' plays with a blanket at the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium, April 14.

Andrea Comas / Reuters

'Boo,' a 9-month-old orphan, plays with a toy during a presentation at the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium, April 14. Boo, the first orangutan born at the zoo, has been adopted by a female orangutan and is bottle fed by one of the keepers.

According to the Madrid Zoo's website:

He was born on July 5, 2010 and at the end of February, his mother died from a chronic pulmonary disorder. Despite having had this condition for years, she was able to give birth normally and took excellent care of Boo until she passed away. The zoo tried to make sure her death had minimal impact on Boo – they fed him three times a day and started to reintroduce him to his “aunts” in order to make sure he wasn’t imprinted with human behavior.

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Boo, the 9-month-old orangutan who was left orphaned a few months ago, has been adopted by one of the Madrid Zoo's female orangutans. TODAY.com's Dara Brown reports.